Aromatherapy Workshop

Aromatherapy Workshop

Aromatherapy Workshop – £75 (early bird £65)

Sunday 19 February 2017


at Shining Light, Meadowbank, Edinburgh

This introductory aromatherapy workshop is a fun and lively way to learn about the safe use of essential oils within the home in a friendly and informative environment.  It also acts as a spring board for those considering professional studies. You will learn:-
  • What aromatherapy is
  • The history of aromatherapy
  • How essential oils are obtained
  • Essential oil safety, general cautions, children and special cases
  • Purchase and storage of essential and carrier oils
  • The many ways you can safely apply aromatherapy
  • Therapeutic properties of 10 key essential oils and 4 carrier oils
  • The conditions aromatherapy can help
  • A hand massage sequence to use on your family and friends
  • Create and take home your own aromatic hydrotherapy blend
For more information contact Alison at Complement Your Health on 0131 334 1311 or email To reserve your place please register using the following form:-